TWD Supplies presents a vast collection of patio doors for your property, allowing you to choose the right one, regardless of whether you are renovating or building. These doors are typically made of large glass panels encased in sturdy frames and come in various styles, finishes, and configurations. We source patio doors from industry-leading manufacturers that offer multiple options to suit your needs.

Building rooms with a view

Step into a world of boundless horizons with our window company. Transform any space into a captivating sanctuary with our exquisite range of windows, offering not just a view but an experience. Elevate your home’s ambiance and invite natural light to dance through every corner, illuminating your life with warmth and beauty. Whether you seek panoramic vistas of nature’s splendor or the vibrant energy of city skylines, our windows frame your world in perfection, merging indoor comfort with outdoor allure. Embrace the luxury of a room with a view, where every glance becomes a moment of serenity and inspiration. Welcome to a new perspective with our window solutions.

Explore the top brand doors we have!


Being a reliable door supplier in the industry, we always bring the best value to you. Below are the trusted vendors we have partnered with to deliver high-quality products and standards.

simonton Windows & Doors

Simonton provides custom patio doors known for their long-lasting performance with minimal maintenance required. The options are based on the style type, whether sliding or multi-sliding patio doors. Top choices include Inovo, Narrow Frame, StormBreaker Plus, MaxView patio doors, and many more. All these options have various exterior and interior color options to choose from.


pgt windows and doors

PGT is a well-known Florida-based manufacturer of high-quality patio doors that offers diverse designs, including sliding glass doors, bi-fold doors, and more. Its doors are designed to maximize energy efficiency, featuring Low-E glass that helps minimize heat transfer and UV protection. For safety and storm protection they offer hurricane impact rated glass with a variety of features and options, grid patterns, hardware finishes, and decorative accents to align with the home style.



From impact patio doors engineered to withstand hurricanes, intruders, and UV rays to vinyl and aluminum material options, CWS delivers premium solutions that meet high-quality standards. With a variety of CWS patio door options, there is a suitable choice for each homeowner or project to choose.


pgt innovations

PGT Innovations partners with trusted dealers to offer aesthetically pleasing collections prioritizing safety and security. From energy-efficient to flexible options, the brands under PGT Innovations provide a range of reliable and durable patio door choices.



The brand offers diverse product styles and materials across its patio door collection. Product styles include 4 options, i.e., folding, multi-sliding, sliding, and swinging. From clad wood for a natural aesthetic to fiberglass for the slim frame, choose from various materials and color options across the product line.


cgi windows & Doors

CGI presents a diverse lineup of impact-resistant doors, from sliding glass options to hurricane French doors. These custom doors are crafted for durability and everyday convenience and come in various sizes and configurations to suit your project perfectly.


origin bi folds

Secure and energy-efficient doors created by Origin come in various colors and finishes to complement any style. The doors maximize views with slim sightlines and large glass expanses while maintaining industry-leading security features.


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frequently asked questions

A left vs. right sliding patio door refers to the direction the door panel slides open. Left venting means the panel slides to the left when viewed from the inside, while right venting means it slides to the right.
Sliding glass doors work best in areas where space is limited or where there is a desire to maximize natural light and outdoor views.
Fiberglass is a good material for patio doors because it is highly durable, weather-resistant, and low maintenance. It can withstand extreme temperatures, resist warping, and is less prone to scratches or dents.
French doors are hinged doors that swing inward or outward on a frame while sliding doors glide horizontally along a track.
Vinyl is resistant to moisture, rot, and corrosion, making it an ideal material for patio doors, especially in areas with high humidity or coastal climates.
The multiple glass panes with low-emissivity coatings, insulated frames, and tight seals make patio doors energy efficient.